York Place, 
灣仔, 香港島

(實用) 496 呎
(建築) 706 呎
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If there is one district to represent Hong Kong it is difficult to find a better example than Wan Chai. The district presents a kaleidoscope of the old and the new, traditional Chinese and Westernisation, and is all at once a residential, commercial, retail and cultural district of Hong Kong. If you are looking to rent an apartment or live in a location that can provide an insight to the real Hong Kong while being conveniently located near all the commercial districts, then Wan Chai is a great option.

The busy streets of Wan Chai are seemingly full of people all day long, be it tourists, business men, the young and elderly, even in the late hours the streets are hardly deserted. You can find a contrasting residential landscape from old traditional housing to modern, hotel like apartment buildings. At Cross Street, Tai Yuen Street and Wan Chai Road you can find the famous markets, walk further north and you can find modern grade A commercial buildings notably the Central Plaza, 5 star hotels, Government Institutions and the famous Convention Centre.

If renting an apartment or living in Wan Chai seem too noisy for your liking, you can consider the apartments near Star Street and Sau Wa Fong, this area is quietly tucked away from the busy traffic and the hustle & bustle of the main roads, but only short walk away to the Admiralty Pacific Place MTR and the centre of the district.

Wan Chai like many major districts in Hong Kong has a rich history and is a great example of the extensive land reclamation of Hong Kong. In 1890, the original coastline of the district ran along Queens Road East and Wan Chai Road, the modern Johnston, Hennessy, Lockhart, Jaffe, Gloucester Roads and everything north are amazingly all built on reclaimed land. And from the late nineteenth century this area was synonymous as a red light district and even inspired the famous novel “The World of Suzie Wong”.


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