Lamma Island


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Lamma is the third largest Island of the territory, nestled between its larger brethrens Lantau and Hong Kong Island. The island has a total land mass of 13.6 km2 around a 6th of the size of Hong Kong Island and can only be accessed by ferry which is a 30 minunte ride from downtown Central to Lamma 's main terminal “Yung Shue Wan”. The limited accessibility of the island has kept itself segregated from metropolitan Hong Kong, in Lamma the towering apartments and bustling traffic seem a world away.

Many consider the island a haven away from the noise and pollution of the city. The island provides a village like lifestyle where houses or flats are restricted to 9 metres high or the traditional 3 storeys and automobiles are not allowed except for the fire trucks, ambulances and the few open back Trikes. Lamma has remained true to its traditional fishing village heritage and offers a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Through-out the years the island’s clean green environment and affordable rents attracted many foreigners looking for an alternative lifestyle, today there is an established, close knit expat community which is growing by the year.

The types of flats for rent in Lamma Island are the traditional village type developments consisting of 3 storeys and each floor at around 700 gross square feet. Many flats have the benefit of private outdoor spaces such as a garden or roof-top, an appealing alternative to claustrophobic apartments found on Hong Kong Island. The most popular area to buy or rent on Lamma Island is in Yung Shue Wan village which has the Island’s main ferry terminal and its main streets lined with restaurants, pubs, shops and grocery stores.

The Island has much to offer, other than the Yung Shue Wan village, there is Sok Kwu Wan which is located on other side of the Island and is famed for its seafood restaurants at the waterfront. Many tourists take a ferry to either Yung Shue Wan or Sok Kwu Wan and embark on the scenic hiking trail that connects the two villages. Other than its hiking trails there is the popular Hung Shing Ye and Lo So Shing Beaches which has some of the cleanest waters in Hong Kong.

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